Into the Arctic - Brian Love
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On the last day of my recent two-week backpacking expedition to Southern Greenland, I woke up early to the prospect of finally finding some giant icebergs before ultimately taking the two hour boat ride back to the nearest town where we began. The light must be extremely soft when photographing these floating masterpieces or the image becomes overrun with harsh highlights. Golden hour is a perfect time to shoot. After packing up camp that morning, we boarded a small fiberglass hull fishing at dawn and threw on our warm fishing suits to protect us from the cold. After leaving camp, we boated through one of the more impressive sections of fjord in Greenland. Even though we were revisiting this section for the second time, we did not see any icebergs that came close to the size of this behemoth on our initial attempt. I was half asleep tucked into my suit when we came upon this floating giant. Shooting “Titan” was perhaps the best ending to an amazing trip. Luckily, our fiberglass hull was able to push through the smaller ice pieces and we never ended up needing to share one life jacket aboard between the five of us on board.

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