Into the Arctic - Brian Love
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In the Summer of 2017, I embarked on a two week backpacking trip to South Greenland - a once in a lifetime experience. The expedition led me to many beautiful sights, but I believe that this view may be the most impressive I have seen or photographed in my entire life. It is hard to interpret the scale of these mountains from the image itself, but the massive peaks in the distance rise some 6,000 feet almost straight up from the fjord below. Groups of icebergs floated freely as they travel from nearby glacier fields. It took many miles on foot before we reached the end of the valley seen here. Then, a zodiac boat chartered us to the base of yet another massive mountain. A long climb to set up camp high up on this rock giant and another hour or two to search for this ultimate vista ensued. It was a long day indeed for the five of us - the only humans for miles and miles. This image consists of two individual frames, and is focus stacked for sharp details from the front to the back.