Home Sweet Sierra - Brian Love
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Summer's End

This image was shot after a late Summer storm at one of my favorite beaches in Lake Tahoe - Chimney Beach. Growing up in Tahoe, I frequented this beach which is accessible via a one-mile trail on the east shore. I have a ton of memories that date back to childhood where a quick boat ride or hike down to Chimney Beach ended in a nice picnic or sometimes a fire. It had been years since I had been back before this evening. I stood on a boulder image for a couple hours in order to capture the waves' motion, color and reflection on the water just right. A 1.3 second shutter allowed for a nice capture of movement and color. The changing conditions and fading light sometimes challenges the ability to capture what you set out to obtain, especially when using filters to block out the light. Even if you return without a usable image, it is still amazing to experience these beautiful moments in life.

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