Into the Arctic - Brian Love
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Patient Ice

This was shot at sunrise on a cold day, brisk morning and ended up storming and snowing for our entire drive from Leknes to Evenes (nearly 4hrs I believe). Anyway, we arrived well before sunrise to scout some interesting compositions and what not. Found some great angles, but the light was shitty. I was just about ready to pack up and get warm but I stayed a bit longer to play with the mountain reflection a bit more for some fun only. Then there was a burst of golden light that shot through and illuminated the peak. It only lasted for a couple minutes, whereas the light from sunrise the other day lasted for about an hour. This image was focus stacked with blended aperture to make for an extra sharp photo, front to back. Sometimes it is difficult when your foreground or subject in less than six inches away from your lens. Enjoy. More to come!

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